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How do I Donate on Thanksgiving?


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Thanksgiving Will be Here in 5 Short Days!

If you are like us at Pioneers of Peace, you have been participating in the Pioneers of Peace Thanksgiving Cup Campaign by collecting all of your spare change in a cup through the month of November


You may have had conversations with your friends and family about hunger and how it is a solvable problem.

You may have shown them pictures of red cups and explained that they are what WFP feed school meals to children in. You may have emphasized the fact that the porridge in those red cups might be the ONLY food many children receive in a  day. You may have said it only costs 25 cent to feed a child.

You may have looked in the bottom of every purse, emptied your piggy banks, and stuck your hand down the backs of sofas and chairs, as well as cleaned out every junk drawer in your house. Good job!


Very soon the day will be here when the harvest of all of your hard work and compassion will be realized. It would be easy to get so busy on Thanksgiving day that you forget to donate the money you have collected, so we have put together a list of tips to make the process easy for you.

Tips for Making the Donation Process as Easy as Pumpkin Pie 

1. Become familiar with Pioneers of Peace’s direct link to WFPUSA early. It’s important that you donate through this link so we can   measure the good we have collectively accomplished.  Here is the link:

2. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you may want to open one. It’s a safe and easy way to pay directly from your checking account and there are no fees. Here is link: PayPal

On our link there are also options for credit and debit cards

4. Go to your bank in advance and ask them what their procedure is for transferring change into dollars. Most banks have change counting machines that make this process very easy.

5. After counting your change on Thanksgiving day, donate the equivalent through our link, and then the next day, deposit your change into your bank account to reimburse yourself.

6. You can also find out where your local CoinStar machine is and exchange your coins for cash. Just know CoinStar will take a percentage of your money.

7. Calculate how many meals you have donated, and know that as you sit down to your own feast, you have provided much needed school meals to children all over the world.


 Other Important Information:

When you donate on our direct link, DO NOT donate anonymously. We want to thank you for your kindness.

When you donate on our direct link you will receive an email receipt from WFPUSA for your tax records .

The first 50 people to donate will receive an authentic red cup as a thank you gift. (One cup per household)

 We’d like to thank you in advance for joining us in doing our part to end hunger this Thanksgiving season.

As Mother Teresa said…

And so we begin with 25 cents and feed a child... and then 25 cents more to feed another child and another and another...

And so we begin with 25 cents and feed a child… and then 25 cents more to feed another child and another and another…

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