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Pioneers of Peace Meets Knitting4Peace

Wise Old Owl - A Tree outside Knitting4Peace Headquarters

Wise Old Owl – A Tree Outside Knitting4Peace Headquarters

People often ask why we named our organization “Pioneers of Peace.”  


Pioneer: One who goes before to prepare or open up the way for others to follow. ~Unknown

Peace: Individual well-being, and goodwill toward others.

Put them together and you have “Pioneers of Peace”


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Susan McKee, founder and director of Knitting4Peace, the 501c3 non profit organization sending peace through the conduit of hand knitted items all over the world. Each item that is donated is required to have a prayer or blessing said over it before it is donated filling it with love to bless the lives of the receiver. Have you ever known someone that just radiates goodness? Susan is just such a person. I hardly know her, but I love her.

I found Knitting4Peace to be a well oiled machine. It’s headquartered in 2 rooms upstairs in a neighborhood church. There are bins and bins and stacks and stacks of Peace Pals (various sizes), Baby Blankets, Hats, Scarves, Mittens, Bibs, Booties, Shawls and Quilted Sleeping Mats. I saw a big bag of preemie hats professionally labeled and ready for delivery to a local hospital.

Currently plans for shipping warm winter hats, mittens and scarves to refugees in Greece are under way. It’s one thing to collect all of the hand knitted items, but it is entirely a different challenge to fund the shipping costs. Susan estimates the cost to be about $1500.00; that’s $1.00 per item. I am pleading with you…if you can find it in your heart to send a few dollars Knitting4Peace’s way, it would be very well received. Personally I have decided that all donations I make in the future will include $1.00 for each item I donate.

My plan is to knit a Peace Pal with the leftover yarn from every project I make and knit as many mittens as I possibly can, hopefully perfecting the holess thumb gusset along the way 🙂


Hugs and Kisses by Betsy Slayton and Waiting for Winter Mittens by Susan B. Anderson

Hugs and Kisses by Betsy Slayton and Waiting for Winter Mittens by Susan B. Anderson


The crisis for Syrian refugees in Greece is grave. As I write, they are being relocated to warehouse like structures in the mountains without heat. The need for warm winter wear is great. The sooner we can ship those hand knitted items the better.

Knitting4Peace are true Pioneers of Peace. They are leading the way for those of us to make a difference in the lives of others all over the world and I encourage you to support them. Their address for both financial and knitted/crocheted/quilted donations is:

Knitting4Peace, 2600 Leyden St, Denver CO 80207

Some pictures of our donation

The Nursery -Night before the drop-off

The Nursery -Night before the drop-off




Pocket Peace Pals knitted for Knitting4Peace

Pocket Peace Pals knitted for Knitting4Peace







NEXT UP… November 1st kicks of the 4th Annual POP Thanks”Giving” Cup Campaign. Do you have your cups ready? If you are new to Pioneers of Peace click the  Thanks”Giving” Cup Campaign link on our website for more information. It’s all really exciting!





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