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POP Diapers, Wipes and Onesies Drive Rocks It!

Cynthia Mills and the Blazing Needles community donated 2240 diapers, 47 packs of wipes, and 20 onesies


Greetings Everyone!

Here it is May 1st and I am just now posting about our hugely successful POP Diapers, Wipes, and Onesies Drive that took place throughout the month of March. Please forgive me for the delay…

Back in  February I had a conversation with Deb Coffey, the managing director of the Utah Refugee Center and asked her what the community could do to ease the burden of refugees living in Utah. She said there is a never ending need for diapers and wipes. She also mentioned how difficult it is to see babies without onesies during the colder months of the year. In addition to baby needs, both lap and twin sized blankets, as well as hygiene kits are always welcomed.

My heart was immediately drawn to those parents with babies who are not able to provide for their precious little one’s basic needs. To be perfectly honest though, I was a little nervous about asking others to contribute diapers because of the expense. A hygiene kit could be easily assembled at the dollar store for as little as $5.00 whereas diapers could cost twice that amount for the smallest package.

Needless to say my heart won out and both Salt Lake and Utah Counties really came through. In the end 7,286 diapers, 173 packages of wipes, 133 brand new onesies, and other miscelleneous baby clothes were donated. I wish you could have seen the faces of the people at the Utah Refugee Center as SUV, after SUV unloaded the goods. It was priceless!

Bingham High School Donation

Bingham High School Donation

A special thanks goes out to Cynthia Mills and the Blazing Needles community, who donated 2240 diapers, 47 packs of wipes, and 20 onesies. Also a big thanks to Trish Roberts and the students at Bingham High School, who contributed 1622 diapers and 14 packs of wipes, as well as the many others who left box after box, and bag after bag on my doorstep.

7,592 Expressions of Love Ready to Go

7,592 Expressions of Love Ready to Go


Onesies hand knit by Sandra Ronca, alias Slouchybee on Ravelry

Onesies hand knit by Sandra Ronca, alias Slouchybee on Ravelry

Some of the most touching moments were when kids showed up on my doorstep; their arms full of diapers and wipes and their hearts spilling over with love. What a wonderful thing it is when children are taught to think about others than themselves. They feel empowered with a sense of purpose when they see at such a young age, they can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Giving comes so naturally to children. We need to provide opportunities to nurture that world saving attribute.

St Patrick

St Patrick’s Day leprechauns after making a delivery

Speaking of children doing their part to make this world a better place…

Meet Rachel, who last week asked her friends to give diapers instead of presents at her birthday party. Not only did Rachel’s heart grow, but she gave all of her friends the same opportunity to learn about refugees and feel the joy of helping others. Way to go Rachel and friends! You are all Pioneers of Peace.


If you would like to learn more about how you can help refugees living in Utah click on this link Utah Refugee Center.  They have just launched an app called Serve Refugees that makes giving even more fun. Download it free from your app store.

Until next time…

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