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POP Knits for Cancer Patients…It’s Personal


Seungjoo wearing Saugeen Summer Lace Cloche by Ash Kearns


Pioneers of Peace is knitting women’s summer chemo hats for Huntsman Cancer Institute. Sandra Ronca, alias Slouchybee on Ravelry, and her charity knitting group Craft Around Corners contributed 5 beautiful hats a couple of weeks ago.  Betsy Slayton is busy putting the finishing touches on her original chemo cap pattern that will soon be available free to all who wish to knit one up for our cause or for someone they love.



Craft Around Corner’s Contribution


Ribbing and Lace Chemo Hats by Heidi Tucker. This pattern is free on Ravelry


Thoughts on knitting for people with cancer

The preemie hats were a lot of fun to knit and while I had a connection that inspired me… Cancer is personal.

Everyone either knows someone or has had cancer themselves. I share my life, my love, my everything with someone who was diagnosed almost six years ago with stage 3 prostate cancer.

From my journal dated November 15, 2010

On November 11th, I became a passenger on the “Cancer Train.” I didn’t book passage-rather I was swept aboard as it passed by. I find myself sitting in the seat next to my sweetheart who was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. There is a lot of fog and mist outside the windows and I don’t know where we are going. As my eyes adjust to the dark I become aware of a few things. 1. Though I feel like I’m alone-I know I am not. 2. I have to train myself to stay in the here and now for multiple reasons. a. I know I will only receive guidance in the here and now. b. The Spirit will be my companion in the here and now. c. If I let my imagination wander I will become lost in the forest. c. I need to stay focused so I can be fully present for Richard and my family. d. In the here and now, everything is as it should be. 3. I have a lot to learn about faith. 4. I need to breathe.

…and on December 30th, 2010

The train is doing donut circles in the forest-like a compass trying to settle into a direction.Where will it end up pointing? What will be our path? And where will it ultimately lead?

The feelings of powerlessness were overwhelming. 

Almost six years later, I have made reluctant friends with powerlessness. After many personal battles I have learned that control is an illusion and does not provide power. Sure, there are things to do that optimize the outcome and believe me, we did them, but the real power that was needed was the energy to keep going in the face of fear. Power does not equal control, it equals energy.

Reflecting back over those early terrifying years, there were many tender mercies and acts of kindness that kept us  “on track.”

There is a a sweet gentle power that accompanies acts of love.

I know because I kept a list of all the tender mercies we were the recipient of. From family to close friends, to clients/students, to strangers; each act that made our list longer was significant. Each act was like oxygen and to this day, reading over it gives me strength and brings a smile to my face.

Knitting for cancer patients also puts a smile on my face. It makes me feel empowered to make a difference and I am honored to be a stranger on someone’s list. My husband still has cancer and that’s not likely to change, but he is stable and feels healthier than ever. I have energy to lend and knitting positive energy into the bulk of those stitches that make up a hat is my way of sharing it.

How has cancer touched your life?

I will be taking the 8 hats I have to Huntsman Cancer Institute this Thursday but it’s not too late to contribute. I will take another batch in mid August. According to Huntsman, summer hats are best when they’re soft, cool, and have a brim. If you’re not into knitting, and would like to contribute, feel free to purchase hats that meet the soft, cool, brimmed requirements. Knitters, it’s fine to knit brimless hats. I think they would be lovely for evenings and air conditioned sleeping.

Drop-off locations remain the same. They are as follows:

Me-You know where to find me

Blazing Needles, 1365 South 1100 East SLC, Ut 84105

Unraveled Sheep, 9316 South 700 East Sandy, Ut 84070

Knitting Pretty, 1393 West 9000 South West Jordan, Ut 84088

If you plan on dropping them off at the yarn shops please indicate they are for Barbara Scoville and Pioneers of Peace.

Sending love your way,







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