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Red Cups for the First 50 People Who Donate



Authentic Red Cups for the First 50 People Who Donate to The Pioneers of Peace Thanks”Giving” Cup Campaign

Pioneers of Peace is very excited to offer authentic “red cups” provided by WPUSA to the first 50 people who donate to the Thanks”Giving” Cup Campaign on the link provided on this site.



Holding the same red cup in your hand that is used to serve children school meals is a transcendent experience.  

Immediately the urgency of our cause becomes very real. To think this small cup holds the only meal some children receive in a day is very sobering.

On a more hopeful note, when we use this cup to collect coins during the Pioneers of Peace Thanks “Giving” Cup Campaign, and then donate those coins on Thanksgiving Day to WFPUSA, we are providing many meals for children all over the world.

When used this way, the cup can be a global symbol of solidarity and common humanity.

Let’s make the red cup a symbol of Thanksgiving. Let’s make it a permanent Thanksgiving decoration that reminds us hunger still exists even though our lives are relatively abundant.



To possess one of these iconic red cups, simple make a donation by clicking on the logo below.

Be sure to put your name on your donation.

Pioneers of Peace is notified when a donation is made.

Again, be sure to include your name to verify you have donated.

After donating you will receive a receipt for your tax records and a thank you from Pioneers of Peace.

Your thank you message will have an email address you can send your mailing information to.

Please be assured Pioneers of Peace will never sell you contact information





Remember the first 50 people to donate will receive the cup





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