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We Are In This Together

Karen’s Clouds

Last Wednesday we lost a dear friend, former neighbor, and family member through marriage. Loss is an unwelcome teacher, but a teacher, nevertheless.

In an instant, life sorts itself into what’s important and what’s not. The sky is more beautiful, people are more precious, and the bonds that unite us appear to rise to the surface like a relief map. Time slows down and the urge to love and support speeds up. If ever there was a need to magically be transported to those hurting, loss is the time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to hold on to those sacred moments when our humanity rushes to the surface and gathers us together, exposing our essence which exists in love.

With the passing of a soul we catch a glimpse at the crossroads and realize both a life, and life in general are so much more than we ever realized. May those moments be refining, and give us deeper meaning and purpose. May we be more welcoming to both loved ones and strangers. May we be gentle with ourselves on this amazing journey called life. May we slow down and make those connections that remind us of who we are and what matters. We are in this together.

Love to all,


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