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Love Bundles are Back!!!

IMG_2756Hello Friends,

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your summer. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over, but autumn is definitely in the air. Last week I went to Swiss Days with my daughters and saw that the leaves were changing in our majestic Provo Canyon. If you have the opportunity, take a drive and drink in all of the beauty. As we were traveling through the canyon I felt like I was driving through an art gallery and then I thought, strange… do I value the art gallery more than the real thing? Of course not; It’s just that such beautiful sites are often captured by artists because they move us in such grand ways. At any rate I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Sadly there are many in our community who do not feel so blessed. I’m speaking of our homeless youth whose numbers reach well over 500. Soon the nip in the air that we are already feeling in the morning, will turn into bitter cold and children will be sleeping on our streets and in our canyons.

We at Pioneers of Peace want to do our part by once again providing “Love Bundles;” this time before the cold weather has settled in. What is a love bundle you ask?

It is a handmade fleece scarf, a pair of new socks, a set of hand warmers, a protein bar, a Pioneers of Peace tube of lip balm (delicious) and a paper crane with a handwritten inspirational quote.


We realize it is a very small offering but we know every little bit helps. If you scroll down our blog you will see posts from our successful drive last February. All bundles are donated to the Volunteers of America Homeless Youth Resource Center

So once again we are inviting you to take part in providing some comfort to our homeless youth by donating items. Here is what is needed currently to make our goal of 200 bundles

200 protein bars

150 pairs of new adult crew socks (black or white)

150 sets of hand warmers

20 (2 yard pieces) plain fleece fabric (preferably red)


We would be very grateful if the fabric was cut following this tutorial and even more grateful if the scarfs were completed when you donate them.

We need these items by Oct 1, so that we have time to assemble the bundles by our scheduled drop off date. Already, generous people have come forward to help . I am so grateful to Anita, Janie, Cathie, and Janette for their help with the paper crane portion of the love bundles. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Of course my dream would be to provide every homeless youth with a love bundle. It breaks my heart to leave anyone out. We will do what we can. My hope is that our youth will feel the love of our community and know they are not alone.

Please contact me at: if you would like to be a Pioneer of Peace and donate some of the needed items.




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