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The Welcome Series

We all know knitting has magical powers…

But did you know it can “Shape Shift”

into food and much needed supplies?

 The “Welcome Series” is a collection of original knitting patterns designed by Barbara Scoville (formerly the Heirloom Knitter) and friends, for Pioneer’s of Peace ™.

100% of proceeds from the sale of this collection go to The World Food Programme, a leading humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide.

For every 15 patterns sold; a family of 5 is fed for a month Visit WFP and see all the good they do:

We are knitting activists doing our part to ease suffering. We Walk, Not Just Talk.

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Presenting the first in the “Welcome Series”

Welcome Cloth

Pattern can be purchased on Ravelry

The simple wash/ face cloth is a symbol of home. How often is it given as a house warming, wedding shower, or baby gift? Whether used to wash a dish, the tender skin of a newborn babe, the face of a loved one, or donated to your favorite charity, it represents loving care.

Knit with or without lace, it is practical and durable, both human qualities that stand the test of time. We are knitting activists. May there be a Welcome Cloth in every home around the world declaring our shared commitment to equality and inclusion