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Pioneers of Peace Supports the “Purple Crying” program

"Purple Crying" hats to raise awareness for shaken baby syndrome. Bingham Creek Library

“Purple Crying” hats to raise awareness for shaken baby syndrome. -Bingham Creek Library

Pioneers of Peace is supporting Bingham Creek Library in their collection of purple hand knit or crocheted baby hats for the Purple Crying program designed to raise awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome.

“Click for Babies” is a Utah organization that has received nationwide recognition for their campaign to educate new parents on a period of infant development called “purple crying.” During this normal stage of development a baby can cry for up to 5 hours and not respond to any attempt to comfort over the course of days. This is the time babies are at most risk of becoming victims of their caregiver’s frustration. By educating new parents while in the hospital along with the gift of a purple hat to remember, “Click for Babies” hopes to drastically reduce incidents of shaken baby syndrome.
Please join us in supporting this important cause. You can deliver your hats to Bingham Creek Library by September 24th or you can get them to me by Sept 23rd and I will be happy to deliver them.

Let’s get those needles clicking!


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