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Two Passions Marry and New Life is Born


Other than my family, the two things I love the most are knitting and social work. Looking toward the future I wondered how I could bring these two worlds together. Charity knitting is a wonderful thing and I love doing it, but the social work side of me understands that on an organizational level, money is what is needed.

Today I am thrilled to announce the arrival of the “Welcome Series,” a collection of original knitting patterns designed and published by Pioneers of Peace and friends. All proceeds from the sale of these patterns will be donated to World Food Programme the leading humanitarian organization fighting hunger throughout the world.

We all know knitting has magical powers but now it can “Shape Shift” into food and much needed supplies. For every 15 patterns sold, a family of 5 is fed for one month. Another way of looking at it is for every pattern sold, a family of 5 is fed for 2 days. The joy of knitting doesn’t stop with the actual knitting, or with the person who receives the finished product. Before the yarn even hits your needles the proceeds from the sale of the pattern is filling someone’s stomach.



Our flagship pattern  the “Welcome Cloth” was originally published in 1996 in Vol 1  of The Heirloom Knitter’s Heavenly Cotton Facecloths booklet and was called Plain and Precious.  It has been updated, digitized, and is for sale on Ravelry in the Pioneers of Peace store. A very heartfelt thanks to each of the wonderful women who test knit and tech edited this beautiful pattern.


We have stepped into the role of “Knitting Activists”

Our hope is to start a movement of knitters making a difference in the fight against hunger. By combining creativity, love and purpose we can change the world. Please join us in this important work.

Visit Ravelry and purchase the “Welcome Cloth” pattern. If you don’t knit, consider purchasing it for a friend who does. Spread the word that Knitters Make a Difference

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